SEO Terms Can Be Tricky | garden features

What is a website map? What is keyword density? What is SEO? If you plan on computers or if you just hop on to boutique or analysis amusing media you may accept encountered some words or phrases that accomplish you stop and say ‘huh?’ You’re not alone. There are so abounding words and phrases out there that are catchy to understand, but already you do a aggregate ‘ah!’ goes through the place. What is a belted garden? Is it about to abound roses? See what I mean?

A website map is just like any added map, alone it’s not harder to re-fold as you’re active down the highway. A website map is something on a website that allows you the user to calmly acquisition what you are searching for on the website as it calmly links anniversary page to every added page. All the fun of a absolute map after the hassle.

Keyword density. Does that matter? What is it? Well, it is the allotment of words on a page of a specific keyword. And yes, it does matter. If you own a website and you echo a byword (a keyword) too abundant so it is aberrant the seek engines will advise you for that and your website will not rank as awful as you’d like. Seek engines wish accustomed language, pages that accomplish faculty and those after keyword stuffing. It makes it easier to apprehend for us users and in about-face will accomplish us absorb added time on the site.

And what about that belted garden? Aback in Tudor times a belted garden was a capital affection of abounding castles. It was the affair to do aback again and it accustomed alone those accustomed humans to accretion access. In computer allege a belted garden is a accumulation of pages that are affiliated to anniversary added but not affiliated to any added pages. Remember that bond pages is a acceptable affair in seek engine land, so these pages acceptable wouldn’t be ranked that awful and may not even get on a acceptable account of choices based on your search. Not a acceptable affair for anyone, as it turns out.

A white hat is a acceptable thing. It agency that a website is application all the best techniques, has admiring the seek engines and refrains for annihilation abrogating or untrustworthy. In short, this is a website you should appointment already it is akin to your search.